Entrence ticket for the World Space Club.


Take part in the project by donating, because together we can reach the Space. We want you to look down from there on the Earth, and say “I did it!”. Any small amount is welcome and it will help make that vision come true. We have highly skilled engineers and very enthusiastic young people working on this project, and we rely on little investments in acquiring technology that we still have to master. We call it science/technology and investment synergy.


To reach that Space view we will need a camera, source of energy, remote communication, and very importantly control of camera orientation. Everything that looks simple, never truly is. This will be a true test of Croatian knowhow in high tech for the Space environment. And it will be a test of the commitment, and motivation of young people to learn about what lies ahead (and above) in their lives. This project will make us a member of the World Space Club.


Deep space communication, navigation, and propulsion.  The Brijuni Conferences bring an up-to-date perspective of the present state of a given topic with the fundamental scientific philosophy to stimulate a cross-disciplinary flow of knowledge and expertise from both the science and technology standpoints. The topic of the

More and more countries are having their satellites launched – by students. To get familiar with this worldwide trend, A3 associate Yi Li, Ph.D. traveled all his way from China. The aim was to introduce students of Algebra University with the Chinese School of Astronautics, Northwestern

In August, we received two development boards for the satellite computer on which we will develop the operating system before it is installed on the flight computer model. The boards consist of a module with a processor and memory similar to those in industrial controllers and


The first A3space project is constructing, assembling, and launching Croatian CubeSat 2U satellite with a camera as the main payload. It was named after Perun, the god of thunder and lightning (the thunderbolt), the supreme deity in the pantheon of Slavic Gods, according to Slavic mythology. Like the Slavic God Perun, we want to shake and light the knowledge of space in Croatia.

The PERUN project will be realized by a large number of young engineers and scientists. They will be led by experienced staff at universities and scientific institutions through project reviews and advice. Such engineers and scientists will not only learn the theory of space engineering but will get a wealth of hands-on experience. Students who gain knowledge in aerospace often use it in other high technologies – biomedicine, mechanical engineering, software engineering, etc.

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